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Signs and Blunders

Signs and Blunders over at Ship of Fools is particularly entertaining this evening.  The second photograph down is exceptionally hideous, in my opinion…

Amazing Grace?

Here’s an interesting take on the movie Amazing Grace.

– Ingham’s “Better Theology”, nicely shredded

The Anglican Planet has a series of articles by Edith Humphrey, Gary Thorne and Dawn MacDonald in response to – Ingham’s “better theology” of sex.  Go read them, they shred his logic nicely.

It does puzzle me that this man could have any credibility, considering his bullying of orthodox priests and parishes in his diocese.  This is the man who locked a parish out of their building on Christmas eve, for heaven’s sake!  (I can’t find the story on the net anymore, if anyone reading this knows where to find it, please leave a link in the comments.)


I was disappointed in Dr. Kreeft’s lecture.  For someone who is supposed to be a Christian apologist, he sounded like he was half in love with Islam.  His books are great when he sticks to mere Christianity, but when he strays from that, well, not so great.

Special category of Hairy Eyeball for tackiness goes to…

….the Pee Bee. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t’ve believed it.

Later: The link should work now…

Even later:   The other half says that they look like a university cheerleading squad, and I have to agree….

Modern Day Slavery

Peter Ould has an article on modern day slavery and chocolate production, including a link to the source of his information. Food for thought, with Easter coming up and all. Fair warning though, there is a disturbing photograph. I think I am going to try to search out fair trade chocolate this Easter.

Dr. Kreeft again

This is too too funny. Go read it!!!

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