…..Bishop Katherine Jefferts-Schori, of TEC. The folks over at CANN have quoted her thus:

“We are being pushed toward a decision
by impatient forces within and outside this church
who hunger for clarity. That hunger for clarity at all
costs is an anxious response to discomfort
in the face of change.”

K. Jefferts Schori

I beg your pardon, Bishop Kate?? You signed the Dar es Salaam communiqe, and then went home and told your people that you were just buying time until we poor, unenlightened Conservatives “catch up” with your interpretation of the Bible. Signing something generally indicates agreement with what is signed. What you did, in signing that communique, was dishonest, pure and simple. We have been waiting for years and years, dealing with this issue. We have been praying for the Anglican churches in Canada and the United States, to come back to the Lord, and stand up for the gospel. We are sick of Liberal fuzziness, and yes, impatient for you to come to a Primates meeting and actually Declare Where You Stand. Honestly, and, yes, with clarity. I for one don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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