Joe Walker has written a beautiful post about selective abortion of handicapped (specifically Downs Syndrome) babies. A few years ago I lost a baby to a cord knot when I was 38 weeks pregnant. On the day that would have been my due date, had my child been born alive, my husband had to take one of our other children to the hospital for a hearing test. (He had been slow to learn to talk). As he was sitting in the waiting room, and our son was playing with the other (variously handicapped) children in the waiting room, my husband couldn’t help thinking about how challenging it must be to bring up a handicapped child. Then he told me, with tears in his eyes, that he would have accepted any handicap – any handicap – if only we could have our precious child back. After having gone through the agony and hell of giving birth to a dead baby, I cannot imaging choosing to kill the baby in my womb.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. Our prayers are with you, and a “sighing too deep for words.” (Rom 8:26)

  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    She would have been six this May.

  3. […] Sense out of Suffering. It is a topic I think about a lot around Easter, since Easter time is when this happened to our family. Anyway, Prof. Kreeft has this to say about death: Death becomes for [people […]

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