More to the point

Well, I can’t seem to leave a comment at Sleepy Old Bear, so I’m leaving a trackback instead.  He quotes an article from a gay newspaper about how dangerous midlife can be for gay men, and then asks why nobody ever mentions the elephant in the room, the morality of gay sexual activity.

He makes some good points – every sin has consequences, in one way or another.  The point I wanted to make in a comment is how sad it is.  I’m a normal everyday straight person, with not a whole lot of contact with the gay community, as such, and I’ve buried three friends before their time in the last fifteen years due to complications arising from the gay lifestyle.     M_____ was a gentleman, S______ was an accomplished dancer, I___ was a brilliant musician who could literally build and play any instrument that he took a fancy to.  The world is not a better place because these wonderful men all died before the age of 50.  Had they lived celibate lives they would all still be alive today, and I could invite them over for a cup of tea.  I____ especially I miss terribly.  I wonder, could I speak to them now, if they would say it was worth it.

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