Saying Goodby

Dr. Peter Kreeft is visiting Ottawa next week, for the Weston lecture. He is one of my favourite Christian authors, so I will be going to hear him speak. In view of that, I decided to reread Making Sense out of Suffering. It is a topic I think about a lot around Easter, since Easter time is when this happened to our family. Anyway, Prof. Kreeft has this to say about death:

Death becomes for [people who have had near death experiences] more (but not less) than the enemy that it naturally appears to be at first, and more than the stranger we turn it into by denial; something more even than the friend that a merely psychological acceptance of death makes it into, a merely stoical resignation to necessity (Freud’s “we must make friends with the necessity of dying”). It becomes something exultant: a mother, a birth process, and even, finally, a lover, or the instrument of a lover, the golden chariot sent by the divine king to fetch his Cinderella bride from the ashes and cinders of death to take her to his great castle to live and love with him forever. [Emphasis mine].

Making Sense out of Suffering By Peter Kreeft, Copyright 1986, Servant Books, page 103.

Well, when I imagine my little girl being lifted straight to heaven in that way, it makes the anniversary of her death/birth a little easier to bear. Or, as a very dear and wise friend said to me today, she went straight from me to heaven, and skipped this vale of tears entirely. This is worse how, exactly?

I love her, and I miss her, but I think, finally, I can let her go.

Comments on: "Saying Goodby" (2)

  1. I’m very sorry to read of your loss; it really is something that one doesn’t ever “get over”, but just “going on” takes a heroism of its own.

  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    Is it still heroism when one doesn’t have a choice? I had two other children at the time; if not for them, well, I don’t know what would have happened.

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