The Reformed Pastor has an article about the Edwards Case. It seems that a pastor in the presbyterian church was brought up on charges for marrying two women. Go ahead and read his take on it, but I want to focus on this paragraph:

But now a new case may be brought against Edwards, who has been an activist for the full participation of gay and lesbian people in the church.

Gay and lesbian people have always been just as able to participate as fully in the church as any other sinful people (which means every single one of us). What Ms. Edwards is campaigning for is not full inclusion of glbt people; what she is campaigning for is a redefinition of sin. The difference is this: I am a sinful woman. I have a temper. I struggle with it. I do not expect my pastor or the church to say “there there dear, it’s ok, you can be angry”. I expect to hear “don’t sin in your anger”. I expect to hear “we are with you as you struggle against the sins that tempt you. We will not condemn you when you fail, we will help you back up again”. Redefining sin helps no one. So, my next Hairy Eyeball goes to Rev. Edwards, for leading her flock into sin rather than away from it.

Comments on: "They Just Don’t Seem To Get It" (1)

  1. That doesn’t make any sense. Why would we need a redefinition of sin? And you are right, gay and lesbian people have always been able to fully participate in whatever church they go to.

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