I was disappointed in Dr. Kreeft’s lecture.  For someone who is supposed to be a Christian apologist, he sounded like he was half in love with Islam.  His books are great when he sticks to mere Christianity, but when he strays from that, well, not so great.

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  1. HB:

    Dr. Kreeft has sometimes puzzled folks with his approach on interfaith matters– though his ‘Ecumenical Jihad’ was a decent attempt to see the best in the major religions. Mind you, I haven’t read much of him for the past decade, so he may be wandering off reserve.

    His hope– as I recall it then– was that since conservative religious forces held much in common, that they might cooperate against militant liberalism. Subsequent events make it clear that secular muslims are the ones to work with.

    In my opinion, his 1998 article ‘What I learned From a Muslim about Eucharistic Adoration’ remains his best on the inter-faith topic.


    Cool blog, CaNN-minion!


  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    Thanks, Binks. He told that story last night, and it’s a good one. He just seemed to be so concentrating on what is good in Islam, which I suppose is ok, but…. He said that we shouldn’t be afraid to learn from the good in other religions, which is all well and good, but there is great danger there as well. One can get enamoured of the religion one is studying, and I think he has. In fact, he told us that a Muslim at a talk he gave actually thought that he [Kreeft] was a Muslim too. For a Christian apologist, well….

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