The Lord’s Un Prayer

I need to stop saying that something is “beyond parody”, because I keep finding more examples, and the words get stale after a while. Thake this, for instance:

With revision, I can still pray as Jesus indicated we could:
My Creator (soul’s Source, spirit’s Destination, Ground of Our Being, etc.)
in whom/which is heaven, or within which we can find heaven (as co-creators)
we revere/respect you
We will work to see your divine intent become a reality where we live.
We will work to see that everyone has the food they need to live and have health and energy to contribute to the welfare of Earth and its life systems.
We sense that we are forgiven for our admitted shortcomings to the extent that we art able to forgive others their failures.
We recognize the presence of evil in our world and strive to avoid being a part of it as well as pointing it out whenever we are aware of it.
We work for these changes in our lives and in the lives of others in the spirit of Jesus who cared for all those who were unjustly treated or oppressed.
May we make these things so.

Note that at no time does this indicate a petition to an external force to intervene and do the work which only we can do.

This prayer is taken from the “Non Theistic Liturgy Resources Working Group“. Sounds like something a Jedi would pray. And why, pray tell, would someone who is non-theistic (translation: Atheist) want to pray at all? The answer is, we all have a God sized hole in our hearts, that only God can fill. I think this prayer is a result of people who don’t really believe in God trying to fill that God sized hole through their own efforts. But, our hearts are restless ’till they rest in thee.

(Hat tip to MJC via CANN).


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