If anybody reading this knows anything about Firefox, please help!  I updated to the latest version, and lost all of my bookmarks.  Not only that, it doesn’t seem to want to make new bookmarks.  argh.

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  1. Best place to ask questions like this is on a firefox forum. Be prepared to give additional information to help the respondents help you, like type of operating system, version of Firefox, and some description of what you’ve tried to fix matters.

    These forefox forums would be a good starting point:



    You might also want to check out the Oper browser, HERE.

    In faith, Dave,
    Viva Texas

  2. Craig Goodrich said:

    Mrs. F, take a look here.

    If you can’t find them, or have more questions, you can send me a private message at StandFirm (if you’re registered there) or email to my account at gmail dot com; my username at gmail is craigg4c.

    I know the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church, but sometimes it seems a near thing…

    Have a blessed Easter.

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