Here we go again.

    You know, as an Anglican, this just makes me want to cry.  Not a reasoned, intellectual response, but it is Holy Week, and I tend to get emotional this time of year.  I love the Anglican church. I am that rarity, a cradle Anglican who still believes in God, Jesus and the Bible.  (Ok, worldwide we aren’t that rare, but we sure seem to be pretty thin on the ground where I live).  It just seems to me that every single crackpot like this priest who gets nominated for Bishop makes it more and more unlikely that a biblically faithful North American Anglicanism can be rescued from the ashes of what my church has become.  It makes it worse when I think of the people in my diocese, godly people, who have completed all of their schooling, and who were denied ordination because they were orthodox.  One of them has given up on ordination and has decided to join Wycliffe bible translators.  (Also a noble calling, to be sure, but I still can’t help but see his decision as a loss – he is such a good preacher,  a kind and generous man, and he would have made a marvelous priest).

Honestly?  Were it not for my home parish and the fact that we have joined the Anglican Network in Canada (see sidebar for link), I would be ashamed to call myself an Anglican.

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