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Sens in 5  6.

Sens Biggest Little Fan

Right, I admit that I am a playoff hockey fan – I don’t pay attention to the regular season, so I suppose that makes me a bit of a hockey phillistine.  Nevertheless, this video is worth watching, it’s very sweet.


I’m 42 years old and I have four living children.  I gave birth to my youngest when I was 40, and my husband was 47, and we sometimes have trouble mustering up the energy to keep up with son #4 (well, he is the most active of the bunch).  I cannot even imagine why someone would want to give birth at 60, nor why any sane doctor would preform invitro on somebody that old.  How selfish can you get?  She will be 70 when those twins are 10.  Lots of people don’t live past their mid seventies.  Who does she think will look after them if she happens to be one of them?  Invitro for someone who is premenopausal and infertile is one thing, but this is just nuts.

A beautiful article.

I’m not a big fan of because they seem too libertarian for my taste, but they have a beautiful article today.


What I want to know is, where did the kid who did this get his hands on the gun?  What, as a society, do we do to ensure that things like this don’t happen again? 

The things you can do with Lego…..

This lego church is worth taking a look at.

Woo Hoo

Go Sens Go! 

Bring Stanley


Go Sens Go!

Senators in 5!

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