Yahoo’s home page has a link to what is puported to be a list of the best SF tv and film in the past 25 years — and Babylon 5 Isn’t Even On It.  I’m agast.

Comments on: "Warning — SF geek post" (2)

  1. I could certainly argue with some of the ranks on the list, but there were certainly a few inclusions that were silly, with Starship Troopers being a bizarre choice (why not just go all the way to the limit of cheese and include Battlefield Earth?). Brazil bored me to death (though I’m normally a big Terry Gilliam fan), and just as the Terminator movies were paired, so Alien and Aliens ought to have been. I’ve never seen Babylon 5, so I can’t comment on it, but I’d have liked to have seen Men In Black, Star Trek: First Contact, and especially the underrated Star Trek: Deep Space Nine somewhere in there.

  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    You’ve never seen Babylon 5?? Run, don’t walk, to your nearest video store and rent the series. It was the best Science fiction on film that I have ever seen. It has an arc plot, so you have to watch the episodes in order….

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