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…of the day.

What was he thinking?

If I were this guy’s mother I’d be cutting off his allowance.

Light Blogging

Blogging will be light for a while.  I have a relative in a palliative care hospital, and anything I can think of to write about is more appropriate for a private pen and paper journal than for a public blog.  I will say though, as I watch her die from lung cancer, it makes me just crazy to see people, especially kids, smoking.  It makes me want to grab the cigarette out of their mouths and make them on a tour of a palliative care ward.  

Prayer request

Binks needs prayer, folks….

Anglican Network and Charlie Masters

I just got back from listening to the Rev. Cannon Charlie Masters speak at St. George’s church in Ottawa.   He is speaking across Canada, if you get a chance, go, it’s important, the schedule is here.  Anyway, I would like to solicit your prayers for the meeting in Toronto on May 18th.  Aparently, Rev. Masters was interviewed by the Toronto Star, and the resulting article twisted his words, and encouraged people who disagreed with Essentials to turn up at the meeting on the 18th.  I haven’t seen the article, as I don’t live in TO, but I think that that meeting needs prayer, don’t you?


I wasn’t going to blog about this, I truly wasn’t.  I dislike pop “culture” and do my very best to ignore it.  I can’t help thinking, though, that this is what happens when you don’t supply enough limits to children as they are growing up.  Most of us don’t have the money and celebrity to crash and burn in public, that’s all.  She obviously was never taught that rules do, in fact, apply to her.  One can only hope for her sake that she learns in prison.

Warning — SF geek post

Yahoo’s home page has a link to what is puported to be a list of the best SF tv and film in the past 25 years — and Babylon 5 Isn’t Even On It.  I’m agast.

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