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Striking Song

Go take a look at this video….

“Serious playground injuries down in Ontario”

The CBC has a news story today headlined “Serious playground injuries down in Ontaro“.  The article goes on to quote a study by the Canadian Institute for Health Information that says that the reasons for the reduction in serious injuries are height restrictions on equipment and softer surfaces under the equipment.  Nonsense.  Height restrictions are posted on playground equipment, but nobody pays the slightest bit of attention to them.  The reason for the reduction in playground injuries is simple.  Cities and towns have become so paranoid about safety and lawsuits that they have replaced the interesting playground equipment with boring safe equipment, and Nobody Under The Age Of Eight Uses Them Anymore.  I took my four boys to a local playground;  they spend ten minutes on the equipment, and an hour rolling down the large adjacent hill.  As a society, we have become so paranoid about protecting our children from every little scrape, that we have removed all challenge from their lives.


There has been a great deal of talk about feminism over at Stand Firm lately.  In my browsing today, I came across a feminist liturgy.  Leaving aside praying to our “mother god” and other nonsense (for a biblical perspective, go to this page and listen to the May 13 sermon), I am struck by the references to being supported by our sisters.  Not our brothers and sisters, just our sisters.  Do women who have been harmed by their husbands not have fathers, brothers and sons who love them?  Do women who have been raped not have husbands who love them?  Do these men not count?  Does inclusiveness not include them?  My brothers in Christ love and support me just as much as my sisters in Christ do.

Polar Bears are not cute

I suppose I am influenced by the fact that my husband grew up in Goose Bay, Labrador – but polar bears aren’t cute.  When this little cub becomes an adult, he will probably look at his keeper and think, “lunch”.  To a polar bear, a human being is a slow, stupid seal.

Backbone Alert!

Well, it seems that the “Muslim Priest” isn’t canonically resident in the diocese that she lives in. The Bishop who is actually her superior has inhibited her. Well done. It’s good to know that TEC hasn’t gone completely mad.

Busted, Again!

Shoot, somebody else figured out who I am.  I’m going to owe an awful lot of people a cup of coffee if this keeps up…

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