The Baby Powder Incident

So, this morning, I heard my #3 son tromping up the stairs saying “Sorry, Mummy”.  He rounds the corner, and I see that he is covered in baby powder.  I ask him to bring me the container, and it was still pretty heavy, so I thought that the mess couldn’t be That Big.  Famous last words.  I went downstairs to see #4 son squealing and running his toy cars through piles of baby powder;  I also see a pile of baby powder on the computer keyboard. So, out comes the vacuum.   Unfortunately, I forgot that there was no bag in the vacuum, with the result that the baby powder I thought I was cleaning up was instead being spewed into the air behind me .  The whole  playroom looked like a fog bank had descended.  The mess was almost as bad as  plaster dust…..

Comments on: "The Baby Powder Incident" (1)

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I thought only my kids did things like this! Hilarious story!

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