Network Conference

I will be at the conference that is talked about here as well. I should be excited, I want to be excited – but I am still so very heartbroken. I wonder why….

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  1. I think you are entirely right Mrs Falstaff. When I attended an Essentials conference a couple of years ago I was struck with a sense of deep sorrow and need for repentance – knowing that the problem wasn’t ‘them’ – it was us.

    Indeed, that it was so important to enter into what God is preparing with that understanding and attitude, not thinking that we were somehow the righteous, and leaving in that self-righteousness to what ‘we’ were making.

    Rather to understand that we dropped the ball – both corporately and individually, and come to the Lord in repentance , genuine humility and sorrow – Lord we messed up, please forgive and restore us.

    If we don’t enter into the Lords plan with that heart, then we’ll just bring the mess and rubbish we think we are leaving behind with us.

    Lord, have mercy!

  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    Wise words, thank you.

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