What Nonsense


From an Anglican Journal article:

Church leaders call dissidents’ actions ‘unwelcome and invalid’

Solange De Santis

Nov 29, 2007

Anglican Church of Canada leaders are appealing to the Archbishop of Canterbury to address moves by dissidents to join a South American church and minister illegitimately in Canada.


Illegitimately according to whom, Bishops? Seems to me that it’s Canterbury who gets to decide that…



Comments on: "What Nonsense" (3)

  1. And Canterbury’s playing his cards very close to his chest.

  2. Bill in Ottawa said:

    To church shoppers, the name on the door won’t be as important as the product being sold. I’m proud that our pastor sells Jesus 24/7 and from the whole of Scripture.

    It is the Holy Spirit who imparts legitimacy, not +Fred or +John. Thus, in the neighbourhood of our parish, there are many legitimate expressions of Christianity, many of whom don’t know or care that +John exists.

  3. Historically speaking, the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the creation of Anglican provinces was reactive rather than proactive. I think we’re pretty much off the map here, although the creation of the other Continuing Anglican churches may give some clues.

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