From the Vancouver Sun:

An excerpt from an article by Michael Davenport:

It doesn’t matter that the properties were bought, paid for, and lovingly maintained by the congregations of each church, whether liberal or conservative. Ingham aspires to be the 1950s husband, turning the wife out with nothing but the clothes on her back, holding up the deed to the house and saying, “See, it’s in my name. Right here.”

Modern society, of course, understands that husband and wife, as peers, both have property rights regardless of the name on the deed.

So let’s be civil about this. This divorce (or “schism” as Ingham calls it) is a reality.

Anglican liberals need to be more liberal: They need to accept the conservatives as peers rather than vassals or chattel, and negotiate a reasonable division of assets.

This is the 21st century, for goodness’ sake.

Read the whole thing here.

Comments on: "From the Vancouver Sun:" (2)

  1. Considering the finances of the ACC, it might be very wise planning indeed for the Diocese to allow those church properties to be separated. However, it won’t be legally simple in the least. Digging into the formal paperwork of the ACC rapidly reveals that the ground rules aren’t well-codified. I’d hate to take either end of almost any question to court under the current canons.

    After all, a former Bishop of Ottawa got away with telling the court that the Diocese is not the employer of priests … that pigeon may yet come home to roost in an interesting way.

  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    I won’t be simple if it goes to court. However, it could be comparatively simple if there is negotiation, with good will on both sides.

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