My poor dogs…

I live in Ottawa, and we just had a huge dump of snow.  60 cm (that’s two feet) of snow in one snowfall.  I haven’t seen snowbanks this high since I was a kid.  Anyway, I have a very small dog.  I got him at the pound – I think he’s a spitz.  He looks just like the photo of the  Finnish Spitz   , except that he has long hair and is a bit shorter.  Anyway, we have a back deck.  The level of snow in the back yard is just about at the height of the back deck.  My small dog saw the larger dog have no problem bounding into the back yard, so he followed – and disappeared in a snowbank!  He practically  had to swim through the snow to get back to me.

Comments on: "My poor dogs…" (1)

  1. Heh – we never get that kind of snow here!

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