Street People

I waited for an ambulance with two street people after church this morning, one of whom was so drunk he couldn’t stand up, and another of whom seemed to be drunk and high.  They were so despairing, and without hope.  All I could do was try to look them in the eye and say that help was coming.  I don’t even know their names – they looked Innu, but I’m not even sure of that. Please pray for them.

Comments on: "Street People" (2)

  1. prairiewords said:

    I can appreciate the Innuit situation. Brought up in a small community where everyone knew your name andf thrust somehow into a big city. Outside of Iqualit’s population of 6000 most communities are under several hundred. Add to that their biological inability to tolerate alcohol. I’ve encountered as Iqualit’s paramedic in the 70’s a lad in full DT, alcohol withdrawal after a six pack off beer. For most of us it’s a buzz and trip to the sandbox. We had a fatal OD on a mickey and I’ve seen people staggering drunk a day after their last drink. And to some in authority they’re just another slant eyed brown skin from the bush, disposable humanity

  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    Wow. I knew about the biological inability to tolerate alcohol, but I didn’t realize it took that little. I hear the frustration in your last sentence, and I share it.

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