Too many funerals

I found out this morning that the priest who baptized my eldest son died recently. Now, he wasn’t a close family friend or anything, but still, it made me melancholy. I mentioned it to another person who knew him, and she cheerfully told me “Oh, but he was struggling, and he’s with the Lord now” . I know what she said is true: but aren’t we allowed to be sad? I don’t know how I would have reacted if she had been speaking of somebody I had been close to. Badly, I expect. Christians are allowed to grieve: we are just supposed to grieve as people who have hope.

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  1. You’re absolutely right. I find too many Christians think death is “natural.” Death is a part of this world’s present nature. But we were not intended to experience death, either by dying or watching someone else die.

    For a long time, I, too, thought death was natural l and that people who grieved were reacting selfishly out of their own pain. I was severely disabused of that notion when my healthy, fit, 18 year old cousin died unexpectedly. He was not meant to go so soon and death is anything but natural.

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