What really struck me is that he wasn’t taught to read  Arabic.  He recited the Koran without understanding what it means.  How can you follow something you don’t even understand?

Comments on: "Food for thought about Islam" (3)

  1. prairiewords said:

    In all fairness, I don’t speak the Bible’s original languages. Somedays I would like to understand the finese that may be lost in translation.

  2. mrsfalstaff said:

    Well, I don’t either, but he was taught to pronounce Arabic phonetically without being taught the meaning – (and I gather that it is frowned upon to translate the Koran) That’s how he “learned” the Koran…

  3. prairiewords said:

    Ahh, same as how Abba did for all the wonderful songs and had no idea what they meant. We did Latin pieces in choir when I was a teen, sounded wonderful but we could have been singing instructions to make soup for all I know. Our priest is great for injecting Hebrew into his sermons. Now if I could remember what little Yiddish I learned in 50’s Montreal.

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