There is a letter to the editor in the online edition of a certain Anglican newspaper that I am fairly itching to blog about. I haven’t done it, because I am not sure it is appropriate. It is a letter written to a print publication that was put up on their website. If I am writing about somebody’s blog, I can link to the blog, and the person who I am rebutting has an opportunity to read what I write and comment. The author of the letter would have no way of knowing that I am rebutting his letter. (I have written to the paper in question, but given their track record on Essentials, I’ll eat these pixils if they publish it).

So, is it fair game to write about the letter? Is it fair game to write an open letter to the paper in question, linking back to the letters to the editor page (especially if they don’t publish my letter)?


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  1. It may not be a good idea, but I’ll offer it anyway. What about writing (or e-mailing) the publication in question and advising them that you want to blog about a letter, but will forego doing so if they publish your letter?

    It is refreshing to see a blogger consider ethical issues surrounding blogging. Many bloggers would just forge ahead.

  2. prairiewords said:

    I would have no problems. Writers to editorial columns should accept that they will be published and from there forward they should expect rebuttal (or support).

  3. I think that a letter to the editor is fair game for public comment, as that is what the letter-writer is intending: putting their thoughts out in a public forum. I have sometimes looked at AJ letters to the editor on my blog. Generally speaking though, I always link back to the original letter, and send an email letting the publication know.


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