A liturgy. For Adults. With activities appropriate for a grade five classroom. Parody, or reality? For the answer, click here, but I wouldn’t if you don’t have a strong stomach.

On second reading, I see that it is intended for young adults.  I’m sure my soon to be 13 year old would consider his faith and intelligence both to have been insulted…

Comments on: "Stations of the Millennium Development Goals" (8)

  1. For reasons I don’t understand, the MDGs and the UN are particular bêtes noirs of the US reasserters. On the other hand, the 30-Hour Famine is big in Protestant evangelical circles. The content linked to is a bit lame, granted. And heavy-handed. (I’d suggest more of a role-playing game approach with appropriate odds tables… roll two six-sided dice – if the total is less than eleven, you have to be a Third World character. Roll one six-sided die. If the number is less than five, you’re already dead.) But overall, it serves a serious purpose.

    (I always feel nervous using fancy HTML with no preview button.)

  2. No it doesn’t, not as liturgy. The “stations” are a replacement for stations of the cross, which is entirely inappropriate. As an activity apart from liturgy, I would have less problem with it. The reason the MGDs are a bete noire to reasserters is because they are being preached in place of Jesus Christ and him crucified.

  3. Henry Troup said:

    If they were, or are, that would be bad. But I’m of the opinion that in most Anglican/Episcopal parishes, the MDGs get less attention than the hall-cleaning roster.

    Henry, PWRDF rep

  4. The leadership is doing it. Just take a gander round the TEC website and see for yourself.

  5. I do have to say that some parts of the TEC leadership are the kind of flakes who give flakes a bad name. I suspect, on no evidence at all, that this item is from the fevered mind who gave “us” the infamous raisin cake eucharist. I’m also appalled that someone at TEC is capable of misspelling “vestments” as “vestiments”!

  6. I hadn’t noticed that…

  7. Henry Troup said:

    This picture gives me considerable cause to question just what the immediate southern neighbors have been smoking! At the very least, someone’s a liturgical/heraldic incompetent of the first order. And I very much fear it’s way worse than that.

    I wish Graydon were around to make appropriate trenchant observations … my talents for sarcasm aren’t up to it. It’s taken me a while, but I think I’ve reached a point where I can see that the liberal/reappraiser wing contains a good few people with minds so open their brains have fallen out. And, as in That Hideous Strength what’s crawled into the empty space is actively evil. (The first part of this isn’t a new position for me, but the second is.)

    I’ve been to some pretty loosey-goosey Eucharists, but this one and the raisin cakes thing … some of those people can’t be Christian by any definition I’d accept. Like Mormons, they may be nice people, good people, but they’re not worshipping the God I worship.

    Shudder… I may have to become a militant middle-of-the-roader.

    “Still very, very liberal … but not that liberal!”

  8. some of those people can’t be Christian by any definition I’d accept

    Bingo, Henry. That’s why I’m a member of ANiC.

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