Anglican Planet

Fr. Joe has a great article in the Anglican Planet this month.

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  1. prairiewords said:

    I have a my own perspective on ‘replacement’ as I attend 3 parishes on occasion inside the same diocese. The Cathedral could be categorized as suit and tie worshipers mostly middle age and seniors. Sunday School is smallish and maybe soon not at all as a number of Sunday School Staff resigned. The church beside the seniors block reflects the neighborhood. And the church down my lane is charismatic and has a good SS attendance. All ACoC, established priests, dedicated vestry, but the difference seems to be activities. The latter church has a more proactive approach, based mostly on a younger and more blue collar congregation. My tie has been retired. The parishes make no attempt to bus in worshipers. The Baptists at the end of my street have two busses and Bethel’s lot looks like Wal-mart on sale day. The answer? Not sure but from watching the media I’m sure none of our priests have had their sound-bite for years. A bit simplistic but maybe people need to be reminded about their churches beyond some cute slogan on the lawn sign.

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