Ok, I admit it, I’m cranky. I’ve been following the misdoings of the diocese of Niagara all day, posting on the Essentials blog, and looking after an ill and cranky almost three year old. But this really TAKES THE CAKE.

Here is the page for press releases from the Anglican Church of Canada for 2008. It’s BLANK.   BLANK!!! Excuse me??? Priests have been inhibited, church wardens are being taken to court , the Lord’s Supper is being used for political purposes
and the news release page for the national church is BLANK???

I didn’t think anything much could shock me anymore.

Comments on: "And a Big Honking Hairy Eyeball Goes To…." (5)

  1. prairiewords said:

    Perhaps the old admonition ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’. More likely you can’t be quoted if you are silent. Judging from the visitor logs on the blogs the ACoC and their priests are coming to us for reasonably unbiased news.

  2. The Anglican Church of Canada has for many years done an abysmal job of keeping members informed. The lack of press releases is another instance of the same old keep-’em-in-the-dark policy.

    It’s a good thing we now have blogs so Anglican pew-warmers can tell each other the news. The church hierarchy has no clue how to deal with blogging Anglicans.

  3. prairiewords said:

    A thought has been nagging me since the big 125th for St. Matthew’s Brandon attended by ++Fred last fall (?) I had a moment to meet and chat with him and had the horrible image of a smiling used car salesman, hearty handshake and one hand on my wallet. I was rather appalled I would have that image of an Archbishop, the leader of my church. But we are seeing the Cheshire Cat at work, smiling telling us it’s not that bad, we understand, don’t leave and then display the claws and fangs when we decline their offer.

  4. Gilbreath, you hot blogger you.

    “keep-’em-in-the-dark policy”

    Yes, rather like mushrooms. And we all know what they’re grown in.

    Touche! –ed

  5. Henry Troup said:

    The 2007 list ends in June, I see. 2006 saw only about five. Laconic bunch they are, officially and on-the-record.

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