Daley tagged me to list six unimportant facts/quirks/habits about myself. Gee, thanks. I just noticed that Scott Gilbreath tagged me too. I hope I get away with not doing this at the Essentials blog. 😛

Reminds me of chain letters.

Anyhow, here goes:

1. I secretly like it when my kindergartener has to stay home from school.

2. I am seriously considering going back to university. At 43. ARGH.

3. #2 is a serious stretch of my comfort zone.

4. I love to knit, but I am bad at finishing things.

5. I don’t know how many unfinished projects I have lying around because I don’t want to know.

6. I was addicted to Babylon 5.

Right, now I have to tag six bloggers – hummm….

Pastor David at The Reformed Pastor

Peter at The Age to Come

Gene (the Kiwirev) at GENEralities

Prariewords at The Occasional Christian 

Good old what’s his name at Musings from the Muse

Father Joe at Felix Hominum

(I would have tagged the Stats Guy but he got me first, argh)

Comments on: "Thank you SO much, Michael Daley" (12)

  1. I think I have more than 6 unimportant facts about myself. Do I have to stick to the limit?

  2. prairiewords said:

    You are so going to pay for this … Can I tag someone you tagged or do I have to drag some innocent unsuspecting, and probably up to now, nice blogger into this? Cause all the good ones are taken

  3. I live a little too far away for you to throw a rotten egg at me, nayh…

  4. For a moment there, I thought you were going to admit to knitting during Parish Council meetings.

  5. Bill in Ottawa said:

    But Warren, knitting is important.

  6. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. prairiewords said:

    The Cathedral here (Brandon) has study series often on a series of Thursday evenings. I was listening intently when I could hear this click-click sound. Knit Pearl Pray. Was that you Kate or is this a knitters conspiracy? Still doesn’t beat my wife Chihoyhoy poking its head out of her jacket at the Dean at Communion.

  8. That’s purl.

  9. Bill in Ottawa said:

    But Warren, the commission from Mike Daley was for unimportant facts.

    Knitting is IMPORTANT 😉

  10. This is true. I admit to a bad habit of often skimming posts in haste and missing critical details. There are probably a lot of people on some Anglican blogs who wish I would take up knitting.

  11. […] good woman over at The Hairy Eyeball bared her soul and then tagged me to list six unimportant facts/quirks/habits about myself, too. […]

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