Cabin Fever

I saw a Northern Cardinal this morning, and a crow with nesting material in his mouth.  What have you seen?  Leave a comment.  Maybe this winter will end sometime…..

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  1. Henry Troup said:

    Lots and lots of geese, on Fallowfield Road. A field with a little corn, and goose in a density I usually see only in fall. And a couple of ducks on open water on the Carp River.

  2. Cool, I haven’t seen any geese yet.

  3. It warmed up, the grass is rize, I wonder where de boidies is? They knew it was going to snow the last three days, dat’s where de boidies IS! So maybe Canadian Tire was not so stupid having snow shovels on sale yesterday.

  4. Saturday. 10:43 Snow, its still snowing and snowing and ….
    Thank you God for this snow, I’m sure you know its good for us, but please can we pray for some green?

  5. Henry Troup said:

    Redwing blackbirds on the way to church this morning. Neither the David Francey song nor the Jim Keelaghan version seem to be online, or I’d link to it. Found the lyrics, though. It’s been running through my head intermittently all day.

  6. I saw a V of geese today! Yahoo!

  7. Steve L. said:

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has partially got his way: British weather has been declared Muslim.

    It’s either Sunni or Shiite

    (not me, just reporting the news)

  8. Oh, thanks for the belly laugh, Steve!

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