…and this is a good thing. Seriously, I think you have to have experienced the 1980s to truly appreciate the following:

Embedding is disabled on these, but you really should go see them, here and here.

There’s also these:

This one actually appears to have been filmed in Red Square:

I was a teenager in the ’80s, in the era of the doomsday clock. If someone had told me that it would every be possible for a Finnish band to be playing with the Russian Red Army choir in Red Square….I’d’ve laughed.

Comments on: "Stalin is Spinning in his Grave…" (1)

  1. Steve L. said:

    Stallin spinnin’? I imagine ZZTop will be having a good twirl and their not dead yet. Everyone had fun and the solo Army singer was enjoying it too. Love the hairdo and finally someone with cowboy boots pointy-er than mine

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