So, Daniel Alfredsson and Mike Fisher are sidelined indefinitely – both injured in a game against the Maple Leafs who were already out of the playoffs, in questionable hits.  Alfredsson did have his head down, but the Maple Leaf player could have just tapped him – he didn’t have to complete the check.  He knew that Alfredsson’s head was down.   I am really beginning to think that it is going to take the death of an NHL player on the ice before the NHL takes things like this seriously.

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  1. I would have thought that someone who goes to church next door to Don Cherry’s Sports Bar would like the big hits. 😉

  2. Henry Troup said:

    There’s a big difference between “next door to” and “in”.

  3. Maybe not as big as you think. Wardens have been known to eat supper together in Don Cherry’s Sports Bar before Council meetings. It was almost a tradition, really. Might not be a bad place for an Alpha Course, either.

  4. If you could hear yourself think. We’re starting another Alpha at Le Patro community centre. It’s still not at the church, but it’s not as expensive as the pub was…

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