There’s a very interesting discussion thread going on at the Essentials blog here. Take a look especially at comment #120. The Reader’s Digest version is that the priest in this parish disciplined members of his parish, following all the biblical and cannonical rules. The bishop didn’t like it, so he turfed the priest. The interesting thing is, that ANiC hadn’t even been on the radar for this parish. They hadn’t heard of us, weren’t interested in joining at all, until their bishop showed his true colours. His heavy handedness revealed the true state of the Anglican Church of Canada to them. Interesting the way that played out, isn’t it?

Comments on: "Anglican Network in Canada" (3)

  1. Kate, the link is bad

  2. It’s fixed now. The link must have changed when Peter bumped the post.

  3. Henry Troup said:

    Quasi-relevant advice: I get rid of earworms by doing difficult mental exercise, like computing the 17 times table. You could try composing complex knitting patterns or the like, too. I think it’s a matter of using all the available resources so the repeater gets “swapped out”.

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