Big Trip Day 1 and 2

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The Big Trip – Day One – June 8, 2008

Even though my computer says that it is connected to the internet, somehow or other this little laptop doesn’t think that it is connected to the internet, so I am writing this on Open Office in the hopes that, eventually, I will find a wireless hotspot that my computer will actually talk to and be able to upload it.

Today we drove from Ottawa to the KOA in Erie, PA. The kids were very well behaved, once Stuart got used to being in the car for so long. No photos, unfortuately, because the batteries for my camera were in the closed up tent trailer, and I seem to have forgotten the memory stick at home – and Bill forgot his whole camera at home.

One funny story – where I come from, we call insect repellent “bug juice’. Well, in New York, there is a sickenly sweet kid’s drink called Bug Juice. (Cut half and half with water it tastes like regular Kool Aid. When G____ heard I_____ and N_____ talking about what the drink was called, we heard “BUG JUICE?? I’ve been drinking BUG JUICE???”

June 9, 2008

Today we drove from Erie, PA to Bowling Green, KY. We had lunch at Crackerbarrel, and I understand why it is Lisa M-E’s favourite restaurant. We will be going there again, I expect.

As we were pulling off the road in KY to find something to eat, we heard a weird sound. At first, we thought that the hitch chains were dragging. We got out of the car to check, and they were fine. We opened the door, and Bill said “It’s crickets!” Once the door was opened, the sound was like a set of maraccas on a loudspeaker. “Not crickets, cicadas!” said N_____, as I then realized what the enormous moth that had hit our windshield really was.

Still no photos. The memory card we bought for my camera didn’t work. Maybe tomorrow.

Comments on: "Big Trip Day 1 and 2" (5)

  1. Hunt Club Chiropractic! said:

    It sounds like you guys are having a great time! Can’t wait to see some pictures!

  2. Henry Troup said:

    Sounds like you’re well under way. How many miles are you driving daily?

  3. I wanted to find out how it went at the Battleship! Looking forward to your updates.

  4. Glad everything is going well. I didn’t realize you have 4 boys. What a neat adventure, and the memories they will have of their trip in the US. I’ll pray you find some good entertainment. Hey, a scrapbook of licenese plates might pass the time on the road…one from each state with the correct colors, and real tag id. Hope you get to visit a yarn shop too;)

  5. to answer Henry’s question, the first three days covered 2300km. The same will likely happen on the last three days from Winnipeg to Ottawa. The rest of the time, we will need to cover about 600km every other day. The boys are OK with two travel days in a row. Day 3 is only good with a firm and fun destination (thanks again to Deborah and Kurt).


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