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Friday, June 13

Lots to talk about today. We spent the 11th and the 12th at our friends’ Deborah and Kurt’s farm in Alabama. We had a delightful time.

Here are some pictures of the kids on the way to the farm:

On the way, we visited the Saturn 1B rocket in Huntsville, AL:

When we arrived at Deobrah and Kurt’s farm, we were greeted by the Lovely Lilly:

She is much too friendly to be a watch dog  In fact, one of the first things she did was roll over to have her tummy rubbed.  I’m told that the foxes are scared of her, though!

Stuart and Geoffrey wasted no time in finding the swing set:

The pools were a big attraction to us wimpy unused to the heat northerners. Niall saw a green anole lizard on the pool deck  Here’s a picture of the big kids, (and one little kid) having fun in the big pool:

…and of the little kids (and one big kid) having fun in the little pool:

Deborah and Kurt also helped me figure out how my Hitchhiker spinning wheel is supposed to work (hurray) and sent us off with as much produce from her HUGE garden as our teeny tiny fridge would allow.I don’t know when she sleeps, she homeschools two kid, has a toddler, and the abovementioned huge garden.  I’ve seen smaller marked gardens.  She’s even growing sugarcane.  She was also highly amused that I took a picture of her weeds. What weeds?  Tomatillo plants!  In Ottawa, people plant tomatillo seeds and carefully baby the plants  In Alabama, they are weeds!

We packed lots of fun into two days.  Deborah and Kurt are wonderful people, and I hope we can visit again (maybe in the winter, though.)

We had other suprises – the check engine light came on, and the water pump in the trailer is leaking, so we are hauling water till we can find a dealership.

From Deborah and Kurt’s farm, we visited a WWII battleship, and then spent two very damp days in Louisana.  I have more pics to share, but there is a lineup for the computer.  More later!

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  1. What a lovely family you have! This is the first time I have seen pictures of everyone. It sounds like a good time at Deborah and Kurt’s, wish we were on your circuit! Thanks for updating your blog so we could see. Praying for your safety and hope you can get things repaired inexpensively and timely!

  2. Sounds like the bird you saw was the Oklahoma State Bird called a Scissor Tail Fly Catcher. Your trip is sounding fun so far. I sure hope you all are enjoying yourselves.

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