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I forgot a couple of things about Louisana.  We stopped at a little lunch place called Lea’s Lunch, that had been around since the 30’s.  It  had a lovely little reading corner, with a rocking chair.  It is a real mom and pop place – we had the obligatory red beans and rice.  We also bought some clothes for the little kids at a shop called Tee Wee.  The lady who served us was of the generation whose parents spoke French when they didn’t want the kids to know what they were saying, and who were punished for speaking French at school.  She said more people are learning now, though.  We saw ads for French language circles in the local paper.  I missed the ladies knitting circle by a day.

We drive to the campsite near the Grand Canyon today.  Onward!

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  1. Hey guys,

    Sounds like you are having fun. It’s neat that you can write on the go. We are doing well here. We have a week left of school. I will be glad when it is done!!! The weather is hot and cold but that’s Ottawa!

    Please pray for Brian and Sarah. There car quit on them yesterday before Brian had to go to work. Pray that they can get a loan so they can still take their trip. They are suppose to leave on Sunday.

    I look forward to hearing more of you trip.


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