The Grand Canyon

We went to the Grand Canyon today. It is something everyone should do at least once, if you can. Words can’t describe it, and pictures on a computer screen wouldn’t do it justice either, I suspect, you just have to be there. I heard more languages spoken today in one place than I have in a long time.

Besides the sheer beauty, and amazment at the persistance of life (plants and trees growing in entirely inprobable places), what struck me was the number of peopple trying to nominate themselves for a Darwin award by climbing onto the very edge of cliff faces to get the perfect photograph. Honestly, some of them were being so reckless I couldn’t even watch. There was one lookout that was basically a path to a rock edge. The edge had barriers, but the path didn’t. Yikes! Stuart was very put out by my (successful, I hasten to add) efforts to keep him from taking the 15 second tour. What is the 15 second tour of the Grand Canyon? The one that takes you Straight Down.

It really is breathtakingly beautiful.


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