Beach Photos

Here are some beach photos. We went to the beach a couple of days before Legoland – we were intending on doing other things in between, but Iain and Niall and I needed a couple of days to recover from the third degree (ie blistering) sunburns we acquired through SPF 50 sunscreen. Pasty white northerners, indeed.

Here’s Stuart making sand angels:

Our hosts, Ann, Dave, and Jonathon:

And other assorted beach pics:

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  1. L'Esperance said:

    Hello kate and Bill, I am enjoying your blog as it rains here in Ottawa, and I wanted to comment on the stick ponies, we called them hobby horses [incorrectly as I find from consulting my OED]…. we all had them as did our friends and we once organised a gymkhana for them. The other day I was visiting a friend and saw that hers [with wild red woolly mane] was still living contentedly in a corner of her conservatory.
    Have a splendid Canada Day!

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