Good Video


I found it in a weird way.  I’d left the computer on, and there was a tab with this video open on it.  I asked both my older boys if they had opened it, and they said no – the younger two can’t read, so they could only have found it by random clicking….

Comments on: "Good Video" (4)

  1. Kate,

    How was your holiday all across Canada ?

  2. I found the comments relating to the video more interesting than the video itself. They serve as an excellent reminder of the truth of Rom 1:18 and 1 Cor 1:23 – that the gospel is offensive to those whose spiritual eyes have not been opened. Also, that believers are called to share in the suffering of their Lord and Saviour (1 Pet 1:6, 1 Pet 2: 20-21, etc.).

  3. Henry Troup said:

    Great video.

    “That is totally not fair!”
    “That’s why it’s called grace.”

  4. The holiday was awesome. I’ll be writing more about it once I get all thousand or so photos uploaded to flickr and culled. The mystery of how the video ended up on my computer was solved – my husband had been using my account the night before, and he found the video on Stand Firm.

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