Here we go again.  I used to be a political junkie, but no more.  MPs act like kindergartners in the House, and the attack ads are out in force.  A plague on all their houses.  I’m spoiling my ballot.

Comments on: "Third Federal Election in Four Years" (2)

  1. Kate,

    Please don’t spoil your Ballot !!

    I was listening to Michael Coren this morning he and a panel of MP”s one from each party was talking about their Psrty’s policies it was very interesting


  2. There’s nobody I can vote for. The Conservatives economic policies are poison to the poor, the Liberals blow with the breeze and will say anything to get elected, and the NDP, who I supported for years, support gay marriage and abortion. Besides, I live in the McGuinty’s riding, they always win with a huge margin. Here, my spoiled ballot will make no difference at all.

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