At least, if your neighbours complain about it, it is.  I’ve been told I have to pull up all the milkweed I’ve left alone for the butterflies, and all the wild things at the side of the house that I let grow for the kids to play “jungle” in has to go too.  I’m not pulling my serendipitous raspberry canes though.  What a pain in the butt, and on my birthday too.

Comments on: "In Ottawa, a wild backyard is against the law" (4)

  1. Happy Birthday Kate

  2. Kate, I’m going to give you a little bit of a hard time here – hopefully no hard feelings. I think there are many valid reasons for a city to enact bylaws concerning the condition of property. It keeps urban living tolerable. It’s also part of what distinguishes “real” cities from hick town wannabees (I’m in a hick town wannabee).

    I most certainly would not presume, however, to comment on your backyard or the legitimacy of your neighbour’s complaint. Would a tall fence change things?

    And I really wish things wouldn’t have happened on your birthday.

  3. Henry Troup said:

    Milkweed is still a bizarre anomaly – they won’t remove it from the “noxious weeds” list, but monarch butterflies are on the “at risk” list.

  4. We had a Wild Backyard a few years back due to not having the time to mow, and a mower that was broken down. I kind of liked having a wild backyard, but my neighbors didn’t:( We live in a rural area too. I can see cows, and horses in my neighbors back pasture. I don’t think that was the neighbor who called the law several years back. Did you know that grass flowers? I’ve really enjoyed the different grass flowers in my flower beds this year…giggles. Happy Birthday.

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