The Diocese of Niagara, again.

It seems that the Diocese of Niagara doesn’t pay its bills on time. Even when it has been court ordered to do so. Get on the stick and honour your obligations, guys.

Comments on: "The Diocese of Niagara, again." (3)

  1. Henry Troup said:

    The Diocese is clearly not getting good legal advice, courts tend not to like people who don’t follow what the court told them already. If one portrays oneself as the wronged party, one had generally act as if one was willing to bend over backwards – which I see the congregation has.

  2. I’m thinking, only half in jest, of organizing an online fundraiser to help draw attention to this… what do you think? :^)

  3. Go For It! I think you’d better join ANiC first though – might not such activity get you in trouble with your bishop?

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