Knitting with Cobwebs

So, I finally decided that the cobweb weight shetland wool (and yes, it is wool, not thread) had aged long enough in my stash. This is the beginning of a triangular shawl – the centre is Sharon Millers Daisy shawl pattern, and the borders and edgings will be from her Rosebud shawl pattern. (The penny is included in the photo for scale). The photo is a bit distorted, as you can tell by the shape of the penny, but I don’t know how to fix it.

Comments on: "Knitting with Cobwebs" (5)

  1. Kate,

    That is a lovely piece of work

    Have a good week

    God Bless


  2. Looks great! What size needle are you using?

  3. 3.25mm

  4. Georgeous! A beautiful web you weave.

  5. Thank you. In theory, when it is finished I should be able to pull the whole thing through my wedding ring – shawls this fine are often called wedding ring shawls.

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