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Has Question Period Changed All That Much?

Who Gets to Decide?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the parents who had their children taken away from them because of their Neo-Nazi politics (and the fact that they are teaching their views to their children). There is a link to the CBC radio story here, but the story is all over the web because the parents are in court trying to get their kids back. Now, I am not for a second endorsing NeoNaxi politics (or encouraging a child to draw a swastika on her arm, which is aparently what started the whole thing). However, something I heard in the news coverage is very disturbing. I think it was on The Current, in the story I linked to, but it could have been somewhere else. A social worker type was being interviewed, and she said (I paraphrase):

We would never take a child away from his or her parents because of their parents’ views. We would only do that if their views were harming the children

Do you see the implications of that? Who gets to define “harm”? Ten years down the road could my belief that the Bible is God’s word written and we should obey it be deemed harmful enough for my children to be taken away from me? This is an extremely disturbing development, in my mind.

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