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Never get a Bard Angry….

RIP Jerry Holland

Canada lost a great musician and composer yesterday.  Jerry Holland died of cancer at the age of 54.  Rest in peace, Jerry.

And I thought I had a Bad Day!

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The Secret Lives of Little Boys

One of the joys of being a stay at home mum is being privy to the iner lives of little boys.  We have a back yard trampoline – but it is a very dangerous place.  It is simply rife with “bad guys”.  Of course, I have protectors – a four year old and a six year old boy armed with broken super soakers.  The super soakers have become “freeze guns” – they freeze bad guys in their tracks.  Well, except when the six year old’s gun shoots rattlesnakes – or maybe cobras.  But these are very special snakes, you see, because they only bite the bad guys.  This afternoon, there were bad guys right behind the porch swing where I was sitting and knitting.  It was a very good thing I had Geoffrey and Stuart to protect me!

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