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Hallowe’en at the Sandersons’

The barfing jack-o-lantern (Niall’s idea):

The Scary Zebra (he ran out of steam after about ten minutes, but he still had fun):

The Vampire:

The Zombie:

Tout la gang:

H1N1 Flu shot

Ok, all three of you who still read this blog. Flu shot – Yes? No? Discuss.

A pre teen girl from Cornwall with no previous illness died of swine flu yesterday. I think this just tipped me from my family not getting the shot to getting it, but I am still anxious about it. I read that the study that Health Canada used to approve the shot only had 130 people in it. That is a very small study.


Think music doesn’t add much to a movie? Think again:


Fiber Pursuits

My first successful attempt at needle felting. I’m very pleased with it:


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