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Good Stuff, Mike!

Mike Sanderson is my nephew!

Why are we so shocked?

Just the other day I was explaining to my young son that bad guys don’t always look like bad guys. Today, the arrest of colonel Russ Williams for murder and sexual assult is all over the news. Why are we still so shocked when the bad guy doesn’t look dirty and dishevelled?

The Newest Shawl

The pattern is Trieste, from Designs by Romi. My Ravelry project page is here. I used Alessandra Filati Super Kid Silk, which is the same fiber composition as Rowan Kidsilk Haze, but half the price! I love the way it sparkles in the light – wore it to church over a black shirt and skirt yesterday, and it looked wonderful. The next shawls on the needles are a Hap shawl (out of my handspun Bluefaced Leicester yarn), and Romi’s Ice Blossoms pattern (but since I am making it out of a semi solid orange yarn, it’s more like fire blossoms! No pictures yet, I’ve only knit an inch or two)

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