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Australia’s Dr. Death to Visit Canada

From here. It is against the law to help someone commit suicide, or even counsel them on how to do it, in Canada. I hope this fellow (I won’t dignify him with the term doctor), is turned back at our borders. There is lots of information on this and other euthanasia prevention topics at the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition website, here.

Philip Nitschke, Australia’s Dr. Death, has been involved with counseling and providing information in connection to suicide deaths on a world-wide basis.

….Nitschke is planning a North American tour starting on October 7, 2010. It is time that he gets shut-down.

Christian film-o-phobia

My parish has been planning a screening of  “Collision”, a documentary featuring a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson.  We made reservations at the Heart and Crown pub a month ago, and confirmed them yesterday.  The idea was to have it in a pub, so that we could invite people who wouldn’t necessarily want to come to a church. We’ve advertised it via posters in local libraries and in the neighbourhood of the Heart and Crown.  The movie is a great starting point for discussion.  The screening was to have been this evening.  A few minutes ago I got an email from the church office, which in part said:

The Story – We booked the Preston Heart and Crown Pub a month ago and confirmed it as recently as yesterday, but today the manager has informed us that they’re cancelling the event, citing the content as too controversial.  Although management had approved the content when we made the booking, head office found the material and has compelled them to shut it down.  We did our best to preserve our original reservation but they were adamant.  So, if it’s any further incentive to see the movie, it’s now been banned. 

I wonder what is so threatening about a bunch of church folks and their friends watching a movie?

Update:  Just talking to folks at church, and it may be that the issue was the headlines on the posters, and that people would be offended by them, not the fact that we are a Christian group.  Still, it’s pretty unprofessional to cancel on us the day of the showing.

Further Update:  It seems that the owners told us that as an Irish Catholic pub there was no way they would show that movie.  In their fear of offending people, they offended the 75 or so people who showed up at the church to see the movie.

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