From here. It is against the law to help someone commit suicide, or even counsel them on how to do it, in Canada. I hope this fellow (I won’t dignify him with the term doctor), is turned back at our borders. There is lots of information on this and other euthanasia prevention topics at the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition website, here.

Philip Nitschke, Australia’s Dr. Death, has been involved with counseling and providing information in connection to suicide deaths on a world-wide basis.

….Nitschke is planning a North American tour starting on October 7, 2010. It is time that he gets shut-down.

Comments on: "Australia’s Dr. Death to Visit Canada" (2)

  1. Henry Troup said:

    I liked Margaret Somerville’s op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen where she expounded on “effective pain control is a human right.”

    Why is that relevant? Because ineffective pain control (arbitrary limits on quantities of painkillers, in particular) produces the horrible examples that drive a big part of the euthanasia/suicide advocacy. And I have some sympathy for that; given a choice between bad pain control and early death, I would have some attraction to the latter.

  2. There is a huge moral difference between pain control that gets increased to the point where it may hasten death, and euthanasia. Palliative care is advanced enough that you probably won’t have to make that choice. Read a few of the connecting links – I think this guy is someone who ought not to be allowed into the country.

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