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Mercy and Grace, Ingham style

I haven’t given out a “hairy eyeball” in a long time, but this surely deserves one.

From here: (h/t to the Essentials blog)

METRO VANCOUVER — Neither side in a long, bitter war over Anglican Church property in Vancouver and Abbotsford expects any Christmas services will have to be moved elsewhere this December.

But Vancouver-area Anglican Bishop Michael Ingham began moving Tuesday to replace the dissident priests at four congregations that have failed to obtain legal control of Anglican Church properties valued at more than $20 million.

Since the conservative priests have already resigned from the Anglican Church of Canada to work for a breakaway Anglican organization, the diocese said in a statement, those clergy “will need to continue their ministry in other locations.”

After the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled Monday that the conservative Christians have no right to hold on to the four valuable Anglican Church of Canada properties, Ingham will be sending a letter to try to arrange a meeting with the parish trustees.

The diocesan statement emphasized that Ingham is not asking any regular members of the conservative congregations to leave the four church buildings.

Rather, it said the bishop hopes to “confer with the trustees to appoint interim clergy for the short term and [move] forward to work with trustees to seek new clergy to fill the positions of those who have left the Anglican Church of Canada.”

Well, that didn’t take long.  ANiC lost the appeal, and Ingham has moved against the ANiC priests, even though ANiC has 60 days to consider the verdict and decide what they are going to do.  These are the very same trustees that he tried to fire, and now he wants them to cooperate in replacing their priests??  Ingham emphasized that he doesn’t want the conservative parishioners to leave.  Well, of course he doesn’t.  They are the ones who pay the bills for the buildings, after all.  He doesn’t seem to understand that the people have also left the Anglican Organization of Canada.  I give it five years before the buildings are sold off.

Rumours and More Rumours

Well, it seems that there are rumours circulating around the Diocese of Ottawa about the latest rounds of  lawsuits between the Anglican Church of Canada and ANiC parishes.  Specifically, there’s a rumour circulating that the latest lawsuits involving St. Alban’s Ottawa and St. George’s Ottawa were started by ANiC.  This is absolutely untrue.  The Diocese of Ottawa sued St. Alban’s, not the other way around.

I don’t know where the rumour started, but it’s very sad that such a fabrication is circulating already.    I’d appreciate prayers for my parish as we discern how we should respond to being sued.

And another Hairy Eyeball goes to….

…Connie Wookcock of the Toronto Sun, who Just Doesn’t Get It.  You can read the whole article here, if you want to.

Let’s start here, shall we:

The Anglican church of Canada’s many problems have been much in the headlines lately as a small number of congregations have voted to leave ostensibly over the issue of same sex marriage, but really because the evangelicals within the church don’t want to deal with more liberal views of Christianity itself.

I wonder what Ms. Woodcock thinks we have been dealing with for the last 20 years?  She obviously wasn’t at the last two General Synods, where Anglican Essentials Canada had a major presence.  I wonder what she would consider “dealing with” to be?  Saying “Peace, Peace” probably.

If you don’t know anything about Christianity, here are the two most important items. (1) Love God. (2) Love your neighbour as you love God. That’s all there is.

But some Anglicans are having trouble with (2), especially those neighbours who are (1) gay, (2) lesbian or (3) different from the fundamentalists. If Jesus Christ himself were to walk into one of these fundamentalist churches on Sunday morning, he’d likely be found wanting. Too liberal.

Have you ever actually attended a conservative Anglican church, Ms. Woodcock? What exactly is your  definition of love?  I would guess that love=being nice in her books.  Trouble is, sometimes love has to say the hard thing.  Sometimes love has to stand up and say “No, this is wrong, and it is taking you further away from Jesus”.  Sometimes love has to speak truth to power.

Anglicanism has always been a big tent that has made room for a broad range of belief. Those on the far right, who call themselves orthodox Anglicans, a small group despite the noise they make, believe the Bible literally, right down to Adam and Eve.

Only a small group in North America, not world wide.  We haven’t actually been making a very big public noise, it’s just that the actions that some bishops have taken against us have garnered a lot of press.  I do believe  that the Bible is God’s word written, but the way Ms. Woodcock has described it, you would think that I had to leave my brain at the church door in order to believe, which is incredibly insulting.  I would suggest that she take any J.I. Packer or C. S. Lewis book on Christianity out of the library, that would disabuse her of that notion p.d.q.

 And then there are the rest of us in the middle, wondering why we can’t just go back to the way we were — worshipping in peace and tolerance.

Translation:  As long as it doesn’t affect what goes on in my little corner of the Anglican world, I don’t care if heresy is being preached.

Tolerance, however, is a word, along with inclusivity, the right wingers apparently aren’t acquainted with, so there will be much more agony before these problems are sorted out, if they ever are.

Tolerance means to put up with.  Jesus didn’t tolerate anybody, he loved people, and that is what we are called to do. Love, mind you, not luv or be nice.

 The question of who owns the churches will be settled quickly. The Anglican church, like the Roman Catholic church, is hierarchical and church law is quite clear that property rights, along with power, reside with the diocese and its bishop.

That’s not what was argued when the Diocese of Caribou went under.  This paragraph alone proves that the author Doesn’t Get It.

Meanwhile, it would be nice if the fundamentalists took a little look at the bracelets they’re so fond of wearing — the ones made of beads bearing the letters WWJD which stand for “What would Jesus do?”

One suspects Jesus would weep.

I think he probably would, but not for the reasons Ms. Woodcock thinks.

Diocese of Niagara Judgement Published

The Essentials blog is down (moving to a new server never goes smoothly) so I thought I’d put this here for now.  There’s a good analysis of it here, and you can find the original judgement here.

A South Carolina Rector writes to +KJS


Women Presbyters in ANiC

Joshua Morrison over at Generation Young Anglicans asks some questions about ANiC and the Global South’s position on the ordination of women. I have registered at the site, but for some reason can’t log in, so I will have to content myself with responding here, for now.

By accepting the blessing of same-sex unions the Diocese of Niagara has, in their eyes, broken with the scripture and teachings of Jesus and thus should be left. My problem with this argument: At the time when whether to ordain women or not was in dispute many felt this broke canon in the same way. We didn’t split up then, so why now?

The difference is, a clear scriptural argument can be constructed for and against women’s leadership in the church. The same cannot be said for same sex unions. Therefor, the ordination of women is an issue over which orthodox Christians can disagree and still remain in communion with each other.

Furthermore, why has this group unilateraly decided that the unity of the national church is more important than the unity of the Canadian church or our diocese? I’m not saying they’re more or less important, but I’d like to know why that decision was made.

I assume you meant international, not national. Because the Canadian church has abandoned clear Christian teaching, whereas the global church has not, entirely. If you would like to see an example of why we had to do what we did, check out the behaviour of the leaders of the diocese of Niagara, documented here and here.

But here’s what scares me the most. I’ve spent the last hour using every internet research skill I have trying to find even a glimmer of the canons of the Provice of the Southern Cone. I can’t find any. But I did dig through the websites of the dioceses within that Province. Only two of them translated into English, but in those two I looked at the clergy of every parish in Bolivia and Uruguay. There was not a single woman among them, not even a student. This says to me that this conservative branch of the Anglican does not yet ordain women. So what about all of the female priests who may feel they need to break away from the Canadian church, but their male bretheren like the pastors of St. George’s and St. Hilda’s have left to become part of a Province that likely doesn’t recognize their credentials and experience as priests? There hasn’t been any media releases, press conferences on articles that I have found that deal with this issue either.

So my question to the conservatives out there who want to join The Network and its alliance with the Southern Cone: Where are you going to? And why hasn’t anyone asked this yet?

If you had looked at the ANiC website, specifically the information from our conference in Burlington, you would have found the answer to your questions. I think it’s presumptuous of you to assume that the question hasn’t been asked simply because you haven’t been able to find an answer, but never mind that for now. ANiC will ordain women – I know of one woman priest/presbyter (choose your favourite noun) who has already transfered her licence over to Southern Cone. I believe the official position of Southern Cone is that they leave the decision of whether or not to ordain women to the individual diocese.

I will post this answer to the Generations website, if I can ever figure out a way to get my registration to work.

Father Joe hits it on the nose..

…yet again.

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