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Anglican Network and Charlie Masters

I just got back from listening to the Rev. Cannon Charlie Masters speak at St. George’s church in Ottawa.   He is speaking across Canada, if you get a chance, go, it’s important, the schedule is here.  Anyway, I would like to solicit your prayers for the meeting in Toronto on May 18th.  Aparently, Rev. Masters was interviewed by the Toronto Star, and the resulting article twisted his words, and encouraged people who disagreed with Essentials to turn up at the meeting on the 18th.  I haven’t seen the article, as I don’t live in TO, but I think that that meeting needs prayer, don’t you?


++Akinola sure sees through +Schiori, doesn’t he?  While I am on the topic of the current crisis, I would like to call your attention to Charile Masters’ tour through Canada.  He is meeting with faithful Anglicans across Canada to “rally the troops”, as it were, before this year’s General Synod.  Plan to attend, if you can, it’s important.

Prayer request for Essentials at General Synod

Please pray…

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