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Magic Fairy Airplanes

Chris Johnson tickled my funnybone today.  Twice!  Go read him.

I Heard the Gospel Today

…from the Boar’s Head Tavern.

Anglican Planet

Fr. Joe has a great article in the Anglican Planet this month.

Christian Community

A wonderful post here.

Life and Death, Advent and Christmas

Fr. Joe has a beautiful essay here.

Episcopecking order


Women’s Ordination

No, I am not going to offer an opinion one way or another. I just want to wonder out loud, why does the topic of women’s ordination have the capacity to get so nasty, dare I say it, unchristian? I’ve seen more vitriol on the net, amongst reasserters, on this topic than I have between reasserters and reappraisers. What gives?

Rude or nasty comments will be summarily deleted.

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